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Laying The Floor And Vinyl

3rd July 2016

The van has been stripped inside, cleaned and rust treated. <——- Click to read posts.

It is now time to lay the flooring. I was very excited at this point as this was my first stage of actually building anything for the van conversion.


Stage 1: Glue down wooden slats

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Glue on slats ready to stick down

I put wooden slats between the grooves of my van floor so the ply boards would lay nice and flat, also I did this to raise the ply boards off the cold metal flooring. The wooden slats were glued down (not screwed), this is because I did not want to be drilling holes in the floor as you could drill into something important underneath the van or cause future rust.

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Wooded slats all glued down.


Stage 2: First layer of insulation

Laying the floor for my van conversion

laying insulation between the wooden slats

I used thermal insulation foil roll covering the whole floor. Just cut to shape and glued down with adhesive spray glue. I also covered the wheel arches with insulation foil.

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Insulated floor

It’s finally starting to look like a spaceship…oh wait this is supposed to be a campervan.


Stage 3: Laying the floor boards

I had to throw the orignal floor boards away as they were damp and rotted so I had to purchase some new ones and cut to shape.

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Cut board to shape

When lining up each board together I needed to make sure they sit flush with each other as the floor vinyl I put on top will show any lips or defects, so I spent a lot of time making sure they were a perfect fit.


Stage 4: Second layer of insulation

Before screwing the boards down I put insulation underneath and placed the boards on top.

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Insulation under the floor boards

When I screwed down each floor board, I pushed more insulation under to make sure I filled it as much as I could.

Laying the floor for my van conversion

Last section of floor insulation.


Once all the boards were down I put filler in the screw holes and joints. Once dry i sanded it to a smooth finish so when the vinyl goes on top the floor will be smooth  and won’t feel any imperfections on your feet.


Laying the floor for my van conversion

Floor boards down and insulated underneath


Stage 5: Floor Vinyl 

I went for a wooded floor style as I thought that would look great in the campervan, but it doesn’t matter what design you go for, It’s all personal choice.

This was my first time ever laying floor vinyl and it really is not that hard, just some patience was required round the edges.



Van Conversion Laying Floor Vinyl

Cutting around the edges


Van Conversion Laying Floor

Spray Adhesive Glue To Stick Down Vinyl


Van Conversion How To Install Floor

Floor Complete

To Finnish it off I added two wood trims at the edges near the doors to protect it from walking in and out of the van.



Next post: Side window installation


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    25th January 2019


    Where did you get the vinyl? It looks great!


    • Reply


      31st January 2019

      Hey, I got mine from a friend who specialised in flooring, but you should be able to get the same or something similar in flooring shops or even online. If you look online you can normally get free samples.

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