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I have converted a standard Ford Transit van into a campervan to travel and explore the world wherever my heart desires.

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Van conversion kitchen
My Van Conversion

Kitchen Unit And Worktop

13th March 2017

Building the kitchen area in the van was not going to be an easy task and it really take a lot of thinking and planning.

The kitchen area needed room for:

  • 70 Litre water tank
  • 11kg Gas Bottle (Gas It)
  • Water Pump
  • Water Accumulator
  • Sink
  • Tap
  • 2 Ring Hob
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Fuse Box
  • Switches and sockets
  • Storage

This is a lot to fit in such a small area (roughly 2 meters by 0.5 meters) but I was up for the task.

Cladding wall

Before building the kitchen unit the wall needed to be finished cladding and insulated.

Building wall for van conversion kitchen

Building wall for van conversion kitchen


To decide how big I wanted the kitchen unit and each individual cupboard I put the water tank and gas bottle on the floor where I wanted them and built the unit around them.

Building van Conversion Kitchen

Building unit around water tank and gas bottle


Building van Conversion Kitchen

Building unit around water tank and gas bottle.


Once the frame was built I could then take out the items for now so they don’t get in the way .

Building Van Conversion Kitchen

Kitchen Unit Finished


Kitchen Worktop

I went for a black kitchen worktop as I thought this would go best with the colour scheme of everything.

To cut the worktop to shape I measured the kitchen unit and then added 20mm extra for overhang around the edges. Since you only get one chance at cutting the worktop I triple checked all my measurements (Worktops are not cheap and I did not want to go waste money on another one).

I put masking tape on the worktop so I could see my measurements better and so I don’t ruin it. Since I was going to cut it with a hand saw I used a strip of wood as a guide and clamped in place, this way it was easier for me to cut and less chance of cutting wrong.

I chose to cut the length to shape first.


Building van Conversion Kitchen

Wood guide along marked line ready to cut


Building van Conversion Kitchen and cutting worktop

Cutting along the guide

After cutting I then sanded the edges.


Building van Conversion Kitchen

Sanding Worktop Edge

I repeated this process for the width of the worktop as well.

Now that’s its cut it can be simply screwed to the unit.

Building van Conversion Kitchen

Worktop fixed to unit


Cutting Hole And Installing Sink, Tap And Gas Hob

Cutting and installing these items can be done multiple ways but this is the way I did it.


I wanted my hob above my gas bottle cupboard, so first I  found the centre point of the cupboard and marked that on the worktop and then I took the measurements of the hob that drops in to the worktop.

Installing gas hob in van conversion

Taking Gas Hob measurements

Once done I marked those measurement on the worktop and made sure it was central with my cupboard marking. Now when I cut my hole for the hob it should be in the centre above my cupboard.

When cutting I drilled a hole first to get my jigsaw blade in the worktop and slowly cut the hole out.

Installing gas hob in van conversion

The hole cut in worktop for gas hob

The gas hob just sits in the hole perfectly. It came with bracket fixing to secure it to the worktop from underneath to stop it from moving. They just simply screw in the hob and clamp it tightly.


Installing gas hob in van conversion kitchen

Brackets/clamps fixed to worktop and hob

Now all that’s left is to connect the gas but I will cover this in a later post.



Cutting the hole in the worktop for the sink I used the same method as I did with the gas hob. I installed the sink directly above the double cupboards in the middle of the unit.

Once the hole was cut and the sink could sit in the worktop nicely I the ran in to a little trouble, I only just noticed that the sink I had purchased off eBay does not have any fixings or can be fixed to a worktop in any way, so the only option was to glue it down.

I used some no more nails glue, simply put plenty underneath the sink part that sits on to the top of the worktop and left to dry, while it was drying I put some heavy items on top of the sink so it did not move while drying.



Installing kitchen sink and hob in van conversion

Sink and gas hob Installed



Installing kitchen sink and tap

Tap set before installation

The tap was fairly easy to install. Once I decided where I wanted it I marked it on the worktop. I then needed to drill 4 holes, two of them for fixing it down and two for the water hose connection.


Installing van conversion kitchen sink and top

The connections for fixings and hose under the tap


installing van conversion kitchen sink and tap

Holes drilled and water hoses going through the worktop

Once I added the fixing bolt and poked them through the two back holes, they were then tightened underneath the worktop with a couple of nuts.


Installing van conversion kitchen sink and tap

Tap fixed in place

All it needs now is connecting to water tank but I will cover this in a later post.



I left the cladding to last as I thought it would be easier to access under the worktop while doing awkward bits without the cladding there. I used the same style as I have done with my other furniture such as bed and cupboard.

I also added walls on the inside of unit to separate the kitchen cupboards.


Installing a kitchen in a van conversion

Cladding complete


Installing a kitchen in a van conversion

cladding complete


So this has been a basic of how I built my kitchen unit and installed a sink, hob and tap. later I will upload a post on how to connect water, electric and gas to the kitchen area.

A Little Extra

I have added a cupboard for the instant hot water and some shelves above the kitchen. I will go in to more detail about this soon.

Van conversion kitchen

Added cupboards on top and shelf



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    7th November 2018

    Top work mate! I have the same van and same bed/ seating layout. How do you find the position of the you kitchen with not being able to stand up and how is it for space once the bed is pulled out?

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