In the year 2014 I started feel like there was more to my life, i felt like there is so much more to it than just doing the same routine day after day. My goal in life is to enjoy every moment and do the things I love. This feeling got stronger every day, so I thought long and hard on what to do about it. I decided I wanted to go travelling and see the world, and what a great way to start doing this was by going in a campervan.


Purchased a van

I bought myself a ford transit in December 2015. It was in goodish condition but it had been used as a works van so you can imagine the dents and scratches it had on it, but I didn’t care because as soon a I had seen it I felt like my dreams and ambitions were coming true. I fell in love with it.

Ford transit Van Conversion/campervan

Building the van conversion

I have never built a campervan before so it is all new to me. I have always been very good building things and learning as I go. I’ve not had any professional help, everything that has and will be built in the van will be done by me, not because I don’t except or appreciate help but because I feel a self accomplishment when I build it.



I’m currently a full time employed scaffolder. unfortunately this is not what I want to do with my life and I have never  known what I would like to do as a career, but at this time in my life I feel like going travelling and going on lots of adventures is the perfect choice for me.


The plan

The van conversion is still not complete but my aim is to have it finished just before summer 2017 and then travel around Europe for as long as I wish, or until I run out of money. I would like to have saved £10,000 by the time I leave as this would give me plenty of time on the road.


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Karl Norton

I have converted a standard Ford Transit van into a campervan to travel and explore the world wherever my heart desires.

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