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My Van Conversion

My Van Conversion

My First Cupboard

By on 29th December 2016

Storage is very important in any van conversion build. When I head off on my travels around Europe I want to be able to take plenty of items with…

My Van Conversion

My Van Conversion Sofa Bed

By on 17th December 2016


The design for the sofa bed had come from multiple blogs I had been looking at over time. When I was first…

My Van Conversion

How To Change Ford Transit Rear Lights Mk6 to MK7

By on 9th October 2016
My rear tails lights are looking old and they need to go! There was nothing wrong with them but they needed an upgrade. This is a simple modification to do on any Ford transit mk6 and im going to show you how.
My Van Conversion

How I Build My Van Conversion Wall (Right Side)

By on 7th October 2016
In this post im going to show you how I built a wall in my van conversion project. Stage 1: Wood Strips First I had to screw wood strips to the wall so when I come to putting the tongue and groove cladding on I have something to fix it to.
My Van Conversion

Installation Of Side Windows

By on 30th September 2016

So ive purchased my van recently and im now considering cutting a big hole in each side, worrying i could do it wrong aswell and ruin the van completely….

My Van Conversion

Laying The Floor And Vinyl

By on 3rd July 2016
The van has been stripped inside, cleaned and rust treated. It is now time to lay the flooring. I was very excited at this point as this was my first stage of actually building anything for the van conversion.