June 2016

My Van Conversion

How I Treated And Repaired Rusty (Interior)

By on 23rd June 2016

When looking into buying a van you have to be prepare to find rust somewhere on that type of vehicle, this can be due to its age or the…

My Van Conversion

My Van Is Dirty

By on 18th June 2016
The inside of my van has been stripped of its ply wood, flooring and double seat. It is now time to get it squeaky clean.
My Van Conversion

Stripping The Van Inside

By on 18th June 2016

Before I could start doing any work on the van I needed to completely strip out the back of the van.

Removing the ply wood

 I started with the wheel…

My Van Conversion

Planning My Van Conversion

By on 4th June 2016

Before starting any work on the van I need to plan as much as possible.

Instead of trying to remember everything, I found the best way to plan is to…

My Van Conversion

Why Did I Choose A Ford Transit

By on 2nd June 2016

Choosing a van that was going to meet my needs and be happy to live in with was a hard decision to make. I must have spent months searching…